Everybody would like to have some free money, but often it sounds just too good to be true.

This time though it is actually true, it’s easy and there’s no catch. Freetrade are offering free shares from their Freetrade stocks. I have tried and tested the Freetrade app myself so you don’t have too, and confirm it’s safe to use and it works.

The first week I received £16, the second week I received £11 and my husband received £16 in his first week too.

How does it work?

Freetrade are currently giving away free shares on their trading app between £3-£200 just for signing up and depositing £1, now we aren’t even actually going to trade, you just collect your free share which is usually on a Wednesday afternoon (so make sure you sign up by Tuesday at the latest or you will have to wait for a whole week) then you can withdraw your £1 deposit along with your free share of anything up to £200.

It really is that simple.

You might be wondering why Freetrade are giving away free stocks equalling free money just for signing up and referring your friends? The answer is simple, it is a marketing technique. They are hoping you will enjoy using the app for trading and continue to put more money in. It is simply away to get you to use their app.

You can win weekly free shares from referring your friends and family, well actually anyone you refer by sharing your unique refer-a-friend link that is on your Freetrade account.

It is simple to use and you can share your refer-a-friend link through what’s app, text, email, Facebook the list is endless.

How do I signup?

You can sign up using my link here, which will give you your first free share on Wednesday afternoon. It will ask you to download the app to your phone, feel in the information and away you go.

Why is it asking for my national insurance number?

If you are in the UK it will ask you for your national insurance number to confirm you are a UK citizen.

Can I cancel if i’m not happy?

Yes of course. It isn’t a subscription of any sort. You simply deposit £1 when you start which you are free to withdraw at any point along with your free share money.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with me and I will answer you the best I can.

Happy Free Money

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