Earn cashback and save money with Airtime Rewards, one of the best money saving apps has never been easier.

Airtime rewards is a fantastic app that just got even better. You used to be able to use the cashback earnt from shopping to go directly to your mobile phone bill. Instead you can now have the cash straight to your bank account, even better right?

You earn cashback from shopping in a list of registered shops, both online and in store. It’s likely that you probably shop with a lot of them already, so why not earn cashback for it?

Cashback sites such as Airtime Rewards can help you save money for those extra little treats.

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How do I start?

You simply download the app to your phone, once registered you enter the code XAYDDHNU and straight away you have earned a bonus for signing up using the code. After you have signed up you can use the refer-a-friend scheme and recommend the app to your friends and family earning both them and yourself a bonus amount every time. Great right?!

How does Cashback work?

If you already use other cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashBack then you’ll be used to how they work. However; with Airtime Rewards you don’t have to remember to click on the website first. Simply register all your bank cards and credit cards on the Airtime Rewards app when you sign up and it does it all for you. Making it one of the best saving money apps around.

The added bonus if you use TopCashBack as well, you earn Cashback from them and Airtime Rewards. Same purchase, double the cashback.

Airtime Rewards also do monthly challenges. (See more information below)

Which shops are included?

There are so many shops, both online and instore that is part of the programme.

These include:

Argos > Asda > Bella Italia > Boots > Clarks > Greggs > Holland & Barrett > Joe & Seph’s >

Pizza Express > Wagamama > Waterstones > Wilkos

There are lots to choose from, once you have downloaded the app you can view the full list of retailers available.

How does the Refer-a-friend scheme work?

Airtime rewards have a fantastic refer a friend scheme along with being one of the best saving money apps . It works like this:

You refer a friend that signs up = You receive 50p bonus

Your referred friend spends over £5 in one shop in the first 7 days = You receive a further £1 bonus

Remember to use the code XAYDDHNU once you have downloaded the app.

Do Airtime Rewards have any other offers?

Airtime Rewards also run monthly challenges. These are to earn bonuses for your spending and are different every month. The app will inform you every month of what these are.

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