If you haven’t heard of weighted blankets and wondered the benefits of a weighted blanket, then let me answer all of your questions here.

I will inform you of the best place to buy one. Including options of different weights and how to work out what’s best for you.

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What are Weighted Blankets?

A weighted blanket is a blanket that has added weight in order to provide sensory input and comfort. It is made with a pocket of poly pellets in the fabric. These poly pellets are put into pockets that are sewn into the lining of the blanket. The pockets are then filled with small round pieces of plastic or glass. These weigh down on a body while they relax or sleep.

How do Weighted Blankets Work And Why They’re Great for Kids & Adults?

Weighted blankets also know as therapeutic blankets or gravity blankets work by providing deep pressure stimulation also known as deep pressure therapy, which uses pressure from the weights anything from 5 to 30 pounds to relax the nervous system. Wrapping the weighted blanket around a body has the same deep pressure stimulation as having a massage or a favourite item that calms an individual. The best weighted blanket for you will take some working out, which we explain further down.

There are many benefits from using a weighted blanket, such as:

-comfort: weighted blankets are typically designed to be heavy and comfortable, so they can be used for self-soothing and stress relief.

-asthma relief: weighted blankets have been shown to help with asthma symptoms.

-improving sleep: people who use a weighted blanket show improvements in their sleep quality, such as less tossing and turning at night, increased delta (deep) sleep, better overall sleep time, and lower heart rate variability.

-ADHD & ASD: Some studies have shown that people who have difficulty focusing or have mild ADHD symptoms can also benefit from this weighted blanket

-calm anxiety: weighted blankets weight your body down, helping you to relax and calm done anxiety.

Is a Weighted Blanket Right For You?

Weighted blankets can benefit most people. Do you have problems being able to relax, sleep, have asthma, have anxiety, have ASD or ADHD? Then the weighted blanket (therapeutic blanket) could benefit you.

How to Choose A Weighted Blanket?

When shopping for a weighted blanket, you’ll likely wonder how heavy should a weighted blanket be? First you need to consider your weight or the weight of the person you are buying it for. For an adult the best weighted blanket is around 10% of your body weight. The same rule applies for a kids weighted blanket. However, when picking a weighted blanket for a child, ensure to add one to two onto their 10% body weight.

Where to buy the Best Weighted Blankets?

Amazon is a great place to buy weighted blankets. They have some many to choose from and have the benefit of arriving very quickly.

The Little Blanket Shop is another great place to buy a weighted blanket from, they are an award winning company chosen from both MadeForMums and the Evening Standards Best Weighted Blankets for Kids.

Best Rated Weighted Blankets on the Market:

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