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It’s that time again; to give you some beauties to watch on Netflix, obv’s if you haven’t already seen them yourselves.

Let face it, Netflix has become the way most of us now watch tv now, with so many films and series to watch at the touch of a button, many of us no longer have to wait for a set time to watch anything.

10 must watch on Netflix:

  1. Queen of the South – I am currently on season four and I’m totally addicted. It is based on the main character Teresa Mendoza who is brought into the world of drug trafficking and before you know it; is running things.
  2. The Haunting of Bly Manor – well what a weird twisted story that keeps you confused literally the whole time you are watching it. I found it got slow around episode 4 & 5 but keep watching as its well worth it. If you want something dark and horror like, this is the series for you.
  3. Motherland – A bunch of mothers and one father who are trying to juggle work and childcare which is surprisingly very funny.
  4. The Fall – I absolutely loved this series. Originally released in 2016 and has got big again on Netflix. He is probably the best looking serial killer ever. He seems to live a normal life but is dark and completely unstable.
  5. Afterlife Season 1 & 2 – its something that’s so real life that’s makes you both laugh and cry in every episode. Its beautifully made while still being hilarious. Ricky Gervais is an absolute genius for this one.
  6. Jessica Jones – if you love Marvel, you’ll love this one. Jessica has super strength after a car accident and turns herself into a Personal Investigator. She drinks too much, is moody and has an attitude but she cant switch off from helping people. Great watch.
  7. Peaky Blinders – Definitely not one to watch around your children. I love this series, I have watched two episodes every night with my husband. We were late to the party on this one but i’m so glad we watched it. It starts around 1900 and is based in Birmingham focusing mainly around the Selby family, you really wouldn’t want to piss them off. Thats all i’m saying.
  8. White Lines – a little slow here and there but worth a watch even if its just to watch Boxer in it. Zoe goes to Ibiza to find out what happened to her brother years ago and finds herself falling into the same circles of people that her brother did.
  9. Big Bang Theory – my husband and I just watched every episode again from beginning to end and I’m so glad we did. It’s one of those programmes that I watched on a Saturday morning but never really followed it in order. It’s hilarious and definitely worth watching it from the beginning.
  10. Cobra Kai – One to watch with your kids, I’d say from 10 plus. My son absolutely loves this programme and now has started back at karate because of it. If you enjoyed the karate kid films years ago then its a good family watch. It’s actually a 15 as there is some rude and violent bits in it.

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Let me know if you enjoyed this list of 10 Use Watch On Netflix. Enjoy your week.