Learn how to start a blog and make money with this article.

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Want to learn how to start a blog that makes money online, then you are in the right place.

We will discuss why to start a blog in 2021 and cover how to choose your niche. Including picking your blog name. We will discuss the best (my opinion) hosting and domain platforms. How to monetize your blog writing using affiliate marketing,. Why concentrating on strong content and understanding is SO important. Not forgetting why email marketing and social media is great for marketing.

Although we are over half way through 2021, it’s definitely not too late to start creating your money making blog.

Whether you are looking to create your full time income from a blog and replace your 9 to 5. Perhaps you are looking for a side hustle. You can make decent money from running a blog if you are doing it right.

Many people start their blogging journey without a clue how to start it. However with the right advice, service providers and affiliate programmes, you can be making money before 2022 arrives.

So Why Start A Blog In 2021?

Blog writing is something you can start with a very small amount of money and start making money online. You can start your blog today easily and stress free for under £2.50 a month with Bluehost.

Bluehost self-hosts WordPress, which is easy and straightforward to build, even for a complete beginner. You can regulary change themes until you are happy with how it looks and customise it to suit you. There are also so many videos online if you ever get stuck or are looking for some inspiration.

The overheads for blogging are low and the amount of money you can make on online is endless. You can make money online with affiliate marketing programmes, sponsored posts, refer a friend opportunities, blog adverts and more. It really is the perfect side hustle that in time can turn into a full time job.

Choosing Your Niche

Choosing your niche is an important part of the start, of your blogging journey. When your blog writing just for a hobby, feel free to write about anything that you want. However if you’re writing to make a living, then you will need to niche down. There are some topics that are much more profitable than others including travel and fashion. These are more profitable because it is something that you can do well using affiliate marketing.

It is important to make sure your chosen niche is something you can write about with knowledge and passion. Choosing a topic when you have no interest in it would fail. You need something that motivates you. However picking something you are passionate about and have knowledge on will help you find success.

So grab a pen and paper. Write down at least five topics that you are interesting in and ask yourself the following questions. 1. Is it a niche that could make money? 2. Do I know enough about it to write confidently about the topic? 3. Does it interest me? Once you have covered these three question across five subjects you are likely to have your answer.

Here are the most successful areas for profitable blogs:

  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • DIY
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Blogging

Choosing Your Blog Name

Choosing your blog name doesn’t need to be so restrictive. Unless you are 100% set on your niche, then something more flexible would work for you. I started http://www.positivelylifestyle.com (third name change) when I was just writing to empty my mind, which at times I still do, but since I have decided to change it into a money saving and making blog with advice for bloggers too. I still write the odd post about other subjects, as I like to have an others category too to keep me even more motivated.

Buy A Domain & Hosting

Buying a domain and hosting is something to think about, although don’t worry too much as if you are unhappy with the company you can transfer your domain and take it with you. I use both Bluehost and Siteground for my blogs and I highly recommend them both. They are both self hosted giving you more freedom for plugins and control over your own blog with WordPress themes – perfect. I originally moved my first blog over to Siteground and I’m very glad I did.

I regularly get asked which one I prefer and honestly to me, they are both great. The reason I use two different companies is because my second blog was purchased with an offer from Bluehost, which you can get here.

Choosing Your Theme

Choosing the theme for your blog is a completely individual choice. Some prefer the clean white background with a few posts on the front leading to another page, while others like all their blog posts in one place. It really is an individual preference and remember you can change themes at any point. You can also customise your blog at any point as well. I suggest to just get started and learn as you go along.

Writing Strong Content

Obviously this is a no-brainer but again if you are brand new to blogging, just get started and you can edit as you go. Longer blog posts with strong SEO (see below) around 2000 words currently place the best on Google. Ensuring that you use your keywords in the first paragraph multiple times while not being overbearing will help you place higher on Goggle. Make sure not to just put in keywords randomly or overuse them as Google will pick up on this and it will not help you.

Writing a draft post is useful including bullet pointing the areas that you want to cover will help you stay on track. Only publish when you are ready and ensure that you read it back a few times, asking a friend the first few times is useful too.

Understanding SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so important when it comes to how your blog will rank on social media. Learning about SEO in the beginning of your blogging career will make the difference between making money and not. I highly recommend signing up to Keysearch, it is simple to use and will make the difference between your site researching page 1 in google or page 20.

Use code KSDISC for a 20% discount

Applying for Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from simply advertising someone’s product on your blog and on your social media account. You can advertise them in your text or by adding a banner to your blog post or website site. The best affiliate programs to start with are Awin and Amazon.

Awin allows you to work with so many different companies from The Centre Of Excellence to No.7 Beauty and beyond, which is also highly profitable leading up to Christmas, so think early about any Christmas guides you may decide to write.

Amazon Associates is also brilliant for advertising any products you have brought and recommend to others.

Social Media

Social Media has a huge impact on any marketing in 2021 and this includes successful blogs. If you are not active on social media then your differently missing a trick. Take a look at How To Use Social Media To Boost Your Traffic for a list of tips to get you started.

Blogs can be successful without a huge following on social media when you’re using SEO correctly. Nonetheless Social Media, especially Twitter is really helpful for sharing your blog posts for traffic.

Email Marketing

An email list is an important part of growing your blog audience and in turn growing your affiliate income. It is something that you own and can use to share information directly to your subscribers without waiting for them to come back to your site.

Mailerlite manages this for you and is free until you reach 1000 email subscribers. You can run campaigns, organise different groups of marketing email and all for free in the beginning. Definitely not to be missed.

I hope you found this helpful, remember sharing is caring.

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