Would you like to know how to save money on days out with your friends and family? Then read on.

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Preplan What You Are Going To Do

The best way to save money on days out is always to plan. This will allow you time to follow some of my tips below helping you get free parking or 2-4-1 on tickets to places you want to visit.

Two for One Tickets

If you are travelling by train then make sure to sign up to National Rail’s Scheme. This will allow you to get 2-4-1 on hundreds of days out in England. This includes anything from Sealife to Cadburys world. It is completely free to join and will give you some ideas of places to visit too. Make sure you book in advance as tickets sell out fast through the scheme.

Train Tickets

Travelling by train and you know when you are travelling? It is always best to book the tickets as soon as possible. Train tickets on longer journeys always get more expensive closer to the date.

Take A Picnic

Where you can, take a picnic. Taking your own food on days out can save you a lot of money. Especially when you are out all day. I wrap up the picnic in disposable wax paper making it light to carry and easy to throw away. No heavy picnic basket or lunchbox in sight.

Take A Water Bottle

There is nothing more annoying then popping into a shop for a bottle of water and they want to charge you £2-3 instead of the normal 80p, just because of the location where you are visiting, times that by how many people are with you and it soon adds up.

Personally I like to take folding water bottles with me, especially when the kids are with me, it saves me a small fortune and they are easy to refill.

Join The National Trust

If you like walking and taking in stunning views then joining The National Trust is the perfect idea for you. Once joined the membership is unlimited and adds up to great value throughout the year.

Free Parking Apps

Download and use free parking apps such as Parkopedia; will tell you where you can park for free around many places in England. Parking can be expensive, so this will definitely save you money and time knowing where you will be parking before you go.

Use Supermarket Points

Do you have a Nectar card or Tesco’s club card? These loyalty cards allow you to collect points on the money you have spent, which can then be turned into free days at theme parks or free food shopping. Your spending money in those shops anyway, you might swell collect the points from it.

Book The Theatre Early

Companies such as Theatre Tickets Direct offer deals from time to time on tickets to the theatre, also they have 2.30pm showings that are often cheaper and with better seats if you are happy to go mid-week and in the day time. It’s actually my favourite time to go and I have managed to get front row seats at really low prices.

If you are looking at more ways to save money generally, then check out this post about changing your money mindset.

Find Restaurant Vouchers Codes

If you know where you are heading and have decided not to take a picnic then searching for vouchers in advance is a good idea. If you are going out for the day mid-week then there are many well know restaurants they offer discounts with voucher codes found online. Just give google a search. Also check out 10 Ways To Save Money On Your Meals

I hope you have found the tips helpful. Enjoy your many days adventuring out.

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