Social media is a great way to boost your blogging traffic, here are eight ways to help you do that:

  1. Create a Facebook page with the same name as your blog. This is a great resource to share any blog posts, while sharing other content to build your traffic. I regularly share positive quotes and funny memes to build followers, which in turn builds my page like and traffic. Check out my Facebook page.
  2. Join Twitter – again with the same name as your blog. Twitter is another place to share blog posts to increase your traffic to your blog. Twitter is also great for sharing your random thoughts, make sure you use lots of #hashtags to attract other followers. More likes on twitter equals more people seeing your blog posts.
  3. Create a Pinterest account, again with the same name as your blog. Creating pins on pinterest is simple and has the best success when you use a good high quality picture, I highly recommend using Canva. You can create the same pin multiple times with different headings, photos and tags all pointing to the same blog posts. A great way to increase traffic.
  4. Join Instagram, again under your blog name. Instagram is great for sharing videos and photos of your life and is the easiest place to build a following.
  5. Join Facebook pages such a Becoming A Blogger run by the lovely Cate Rosales and Get Glowing IG run by Mia Q and a group of other ladies to increase your following on social media, this will massively increase your page likes.
  6. Write about what people want, help them solve something or create a hack for something that people will share from one of your social media accounts.
  7. Link up with another blogger in your niche and share each others stories on instagram and facebook, this is a great way to get new followers.
  8. Write a catchy title that will grab peoples attention, generally humans will decide in a second or two if they are going to read on, so grabbing people attention is key.

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*There maybe some affiliate links within this post where I make a small profit should you buy something, at no extra cost to you.

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