My own Hermes Delivery nightmare.

Stories about Hermes delivery nightmare has been popping up all over the internet and none of it is positive feedback.

Normally I wouldn’t write a negative article directly about company, I just wouldn’t promote them. However so many people are having problems with Hermes delivery and after experiencing their service, I can see why.

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Recently on this blog, we ran a competition with many other bloggers, including SurvivingwithCoffee and Home and Garden Things.

The giveaway was completely free to enter and the winner would win a Lush Wow Gift Set worth £185. It was the first giveaway I had organised and I was super excited to offer it.

The gift set was from Lush. It’s popular and likely to sell out around Christmas, so we ordered it early and sent via Hermes. We made this decision to avoid disappoint

I think you can guess where this is going……….yep this is when our Hermes delivery nightmare started!

Stupidly I made the decision to use Hermes Delivery, as unfortunately the Royal Mail were extremely expensive to post a large parcel. I figured as Hermes was a well-known company, they would have been the safest option. How wrong was I!

Even though I paid for the Next Day delivery service including tracking and a signature required, they still managed to lose it. How is it even possible to lose a parcel when at each changeover the parcel is required to be scanned?

The competition was very public being on the MSE Forum and had over 72,000 entries, luckily the winner has been absolutely amazing and fully understands.

Poor Customer Service

After 10 days of still not being able to reach a human being from any of the telephone numbers I could find online, I decided to visit the shop where I dropped off the parcel for Hermes to pick up to see if they had any information as to what has happened.

Luckily the shopkeeper was absolutely brilliant and gave me Hermes telephone number that they use themselves to contact Hermes when they have a problem. The shop owner kindly explained to me what had happened on the day of the collection.

He said that the delivery driver was incredibly rude. The deliver refused to scan any of the deliveries he collected and physically throw them into the back of his van. According to the shop owner the driver then drove off.

After phoning for 10 days and getting incredibly frustrated the phone was answered pretty quickly, using the new telephone number. I couldn’t believe it.

I explained what the delivery driver had done during collection and their response was that the drivers they use are not employed by them. Hermes customer services agent explained that the delivers that they use are self-employed. Therefore they are not an employee of the company. How that is relevant when they are paying for them to provide a service?

I was advised that once the form was received, it would take a further 28 days to make a claim after the completed form had been received. Unfortunately the issue is still on-going.

Then to top it off, I ordered a jumper that I liked online and guess who their delivery providers are? Can you guess what they have lost? Yes Hermes have managed to lose my jumper in the same 3 week period.

My advice for anybody that needs the send anything via post, pay the extra money.

The Hermes delivery service is beyond disappointing. Their customer service is appalling and needs a big improvement.

Rant over.

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