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Taking time for you is the biggest gift you can give yourself for your mental well-being, as well as your physical health. Too much stress and rushing around brings Anxiety, lack of sleep and more headaches than anyone ever needs. So take 5 minutes, have a read of my list and see if you can pick one or two things to make positive change to your life.

If your favourite is not on the list, feel free to leave a comment and let me know, you may just help someone else.

  1. Listen to Music – Put on your favourite music and let yourself either dance or relax, whatever works for you. Scientists say music can have mood-boosting effects, just make sure its not music that makes you sad. Happy dancing!
  2. Read a book – Reading is the perfect escape from everyday life. Before you know it hours have past and your ready to either sleep or carry on with your day. Check out Becca Farrelly’s Top 3 Books to Read
  3. Go for a walk – This is my go to when I’m struggling. Feeling stressed = go for a walk. Kids are being annoying = go for a walk. Want to think in peace = go for a walk. Walking really helps so much to clear our heads and helps our hearts too.
  4. Exercise – There are so many benefits to exercise across lots of areas of self-care from mental health to weight management and many more.
  5. Take a bath – I personally like to start every day with a shower to wake me up and end with a bath to unwind, ideally when the kids are in bed. Looking after my skin in the shower and bath is definitely a priority, so I make sure I always use my dry body brush before I get in the shower or bath, this has massively improved my legs and butt and then my shower brush to wash my back too both under £7 – bargain! I always then use a bath bomb or oil from Lush or Portside Soap Company to add a little bit of luxury.
  6. Watch a funny film – Nothing makes you feel better than laughing. If you can laugh especially before you go to sleep then your most definitely wake up much more positive in the morning. Give it a try.
  7. Face Masks – There is so many out there now and they don’t need to be expensive, amazon do a great range if your currently stuck in and can’t get to the shop. Boots is also a good place to pick up a good selection from a range of different prices. If your new to face masks, I suggest giving these face masks ago, effective and an absolute bargain!
  8. Look through old photos – Get out your box of old photos and look through them to remind yourself of happy times or if you haven’t got one and only have your photos on old phones and usb’s now is the time to get them printed. There’s so many sites like free prints that post directly to your door, so get printing and store them in an old box to pull them out then you need them.
  9. Limit Screen Time – This one is a hard one, I know! I send most of my life online, researching, writing, blogging and generally just flicking through Facebook and Instagram with the odd bit of Tik Tok and Twitter, that’s before I add in my hours of amazon shopping, Netflix, coronation street and whatever crime documentary is on the TV. However I think it is clear to see after reading article upon article of how too much screen time and social media is affecting our mental health it is good to take a break and have a time out.
  10. Fresh Bedding – One of my favourite things in the world! Guaranteed whatever weekday I change my bed sheets is the day I go to bed super early, currently its a Tuesday as the Great British Bake Off is on, so 8pm sounds good to me.
  11. Laugh – Do whatever makes you laugh. I know we have covered laughing already before with films but it doesn’t have to be films, it really can be whatever makes you laugh. That one friend that can make you belly laugh like no other, just doing anything however stupid to lift your mood.
  12. Yoga – Yoga is amazing for your mental health. Not only does it shape your body and strengthen your core, it also clears your mind and helps you focus. Yoga even for 10 minutes first thing in the morning can change your whole day. Maybe try and set yourself a challenge for a month and see how you feel at the end of it.

So that is my suggestion of 12 simple things you can do to practice self-care. I also highly recommend any mums/carers to read The Importance of Practising Self-Care as a Parent and A Parents Guide to Outdoor Play from the mental health parent blog.

I hope you found something useful here, if you have any tips you can share please feel free to leave some comments and share this post with others.

Take care.

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