Blogging has become a popular side hustle for many people, earning them a few extra hundred pounds a month, while some people have been lucky enough to make blogging their full time income.

I’d say i’m currently in the middle of that, which is actually a nice place to sit.

While blogging can bring in an income for you, sometimes even a large amount of money, don’t be fooled into thinking within a few months you’ll be rolling in it. It takes a year plus to start seeing a decent return for your hard work.

In this article we are going to look at the following:

  • What types of blogs that make money?
  • Who is the best company to host your website?
  • Why going self hosted is your best option

Let’s get started.

*This article contains some affiliate links that may earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What kind of blogs make the most money?

Finance Blog:

Finance blogs are a great niche to choose if you are good at managing money or finding ways to earn money as a side hustle. You could appeal to students, first time buyers and anyone that wants to earn some extra cash.

Fashion Blog:

If you love fashion and would like to go down the influencer route, then a fashion blog is a great idea. You can advertise products from a range of different shops across your blog and instagram. Possibly getting paid for doing a sponsored link. Make sure to join Awin to work with a long list of brands under one umbrella.

Travel Blog:

The clue is in the title. You can cover anything that covers travel and make affiliate marketing really work for you. Even travel the world while earning money and blog about it. You could earn affiliate income from recommending hotels, coaches and holidays. If you enjoy travelling and have the time to do it, then this is definitely for you.

Health & Fitness Blog:

Are you into Health and Fitness? If you are fit and understand nutrition well then this niche would be great for you. You could even link it to a youtube channel and make yourself two different types of income.

So many people are searching for ways to become healthier and fitter everyday, wanting to lose weight or gain muscle. There is so much opportunity within this niche.

Food Blog:

How many times do you go to google or pinterest to search for a recipe? I know i do a few times a week. If your a chef or just a keen foodie then this would be an ideal niche for you. You could either search for free photos online or take your own. There is also plenty of opportunity to earn a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

Mum Blog:

Mum blogs are very popular but of course they have a shelf life unless you move the blog gently across to other directions as your children grow. My favourite Mum blog has to be Toby & Roo. I think she is fantastic and taking a look will give you an idea what a successful Mum blog looks like.

DIY Blog:

Are you good at DIY? Do you enjoy fixing things around the home? Then why not choose the DIY niche. Plenty of opportunity to advertise products and start a Youtube channel and TikTok account. With the rise of everyone’s household bills more and more want to fix things themselves.

Lifestyle Blog:

A lifestyle blog is my favourite and this is of course what this one is. Lifestyle gives you a huge range to choose from but be aware that google will only rank you if it can see a pattern of what you offer. I try and stick to Money, Blogging and Mental Health.

I find siteground is ideal for a lifestyle blog, not only can you have a shop on your site if you want it but you can also be a self hosted blog using wordpress. Perfect.

As there are lots of blogs out there, it’s a good idea to purchase a theme for your blog that will stand out more. I used Bluchic to purchase my theme from and i’m so glad I did.

Pet Blog:

I love a pet blog. Having two miniature Dachshunds and a cat myself, i’m definitely an animal person. All my animals items are either from a recommendation from a blogger or a quick flick through on Amazon.

Amazon also have an affiliate programme so make sure to check that out.

Who is the best company to host your website?

My personal opinion would be Siteground is the best and easiest host for your website.

I run multiple websites through Siteground, which saves me a lot of money as I have them all under one roof. This makes the yearly annual host price a lot less than some of the other well known companies.

Their technical support is fantastic and they email you the chat you had making it easy to find the answers you need at a later date.

Why going self hosted is your best option:

Going self-hosted is your best option for having ownership and control of your website.

Siteground uses WordPress for you to edit your website the easy way, while still having control and ownership of your own website. This is important for being able to rank on google and for building up your websites DA (domain authority).

I hope you have found this article helpful. If you would like a free blog planner printable, then sign up below.