1. White Lightning, Mad Dog 20/20 and 10 B&H. Classic requirements of the 90’s teenager.

2. Waiting the whole week for Sunday’s top 10, to make a mixtape while trying not to get the radio hosts voice on it. 

3. Sun-in. A spray that you put in your hair and sit in the sun. It promises to turn your hair to a beautiful golden blonde, when in fact; you look like your nan’s tabby ginger cat in random patches.

4. Sweatshirts with checkered shirts underneath. Because let’s face it, we all liked to dress the same as the boys. 

5. Writing I.D.S.T after everything you meant totally from your heart, so no one could ever destroy it.

6. Oasis were the absolute gods. If you weren’t listening to Oasis; what the f*ck were you listening to?

7. See through inflatable bags! Bright pink, blue or purple. Which then annoyed the hell out of you because; where were you meant to hide your B&H??

8. A backwards flat cap that said Dream or Love on it. Because obviously you were super cool if you had one.

9. Using a throw away camera and then having to wait a week to find out that 23 out of the 24 pictures were absolute shit.

10. Kickers platform shoes in black or tan, were you even a teenager in the 90’s if you didn’t have a pair!

11. Having the same mobile phone as everyone else; that you couldn’t even text on when they first came out but you could play snake for a week on the same battery.

12. Having the Body Shop Musk perfume oil on EVERYDAY, no matter what!

13. Who loves Orange Soda?? Keenan and Kel, the funniest programme ever!

14. Sitting down with your family to watch Friends, because actually your parents can have a sense of humour and they weren’t trying to ruin your life! Shocker!

15. The thinnest eyebrows EVER! Thank god someone sorted that out.

16. Desperately wanting a pager (before mobiles), but then realising your Mum can track you down wherever you are; so decide against asking for one for Christmas.

17. Brown coloured lipstick, that you also use on your eyelids, because; well you have to match.

18. Watching Clueless 475790435 times, because it was the best film ever!!

19. Blockbusters. The.best.shop.ever. Where you spent hours in the shop picking two videos that four of you had to agree on. Yawn!!!

20. Listening to a mixture of RnB, Spice girls, Alanis Morissette and Oasis to get you through life. 

21.  You and all your friends telling your parents that you’re sleeping at each other’s houses, when really you’re drunk and freezing in a field all night trying not to die of alcohol poisoning.

22. Running until you are absolutely about to die, as that bleep test in P.E isn’t going to beat you!

23.  Going to the local Nightclub that you know allows in underage people, while wearing a long dress with a side split up the leg.

24. Looking after your bestie who got so paralytic they had to get their stomach pumped. And them waking up blaming you to their mum, even though you tried to get them to stop drinking.

25. Truly believing that your boyfriend is more important than your school work; because obviously you’re going to be together forever, I.D.S.T.