If you’ve recently been wondering how to look after your skin better, but don’t want it to cost the earth; then this post How to look after your skin in 5 easy steps is for you.

I’ve always been quite lazy with my skin, as it’s never really been an issue for me but I now totally regret not looking after it earlier.

Here are some simple and not overly expensive steps to looking after your skin in 5 easy steps:

Rule 1) Always remove your make-up, no matter how tired you are, leaving makeup on your face not only blocks your pores but ages your skin too.

Rule 2) Dry brush your body everyday, it will only take a minute. The benefits of dry skin brushing are so worth it, they are:

  • Increase Circulation and Blood Flow
  • Stimulates drainage from the lumphatic system
  • Smooth skin
  • Evens out lumps and bumps including celluite
  • Removes dry skin

I highly recommend Ithyes Dry Brushing Body Brush from Amazon, its only £5.98 and if you have prime then its free next day delivery.

Rule 3) Cleanse, tone and moisturise your face both morning and night if you can, face cream can also work as a primer under your makeup and protects your skin at the same time. It is always good to check that your moisturiser has UV protection for all weather.

This doesn’t have to be expensive, I use no.7 products and always get the gift sets from Boots at Christmas time when you get around £150 worth for products for £39. You can try other brands too like L’Oreal and Garnier for a few pounds each, either from Boots, Savers or Amazon and many other shops i’m sure.

Rule 4) Moisturise your body before bed, this is the best time to moisturise as you’ll be inside and hopefully asleep leaving the moisturier to do its work.

Rule 5) Final tip, if you use fake tan never ever ever ever ever re-tan without fully removing the older tan before hand, making sure you exfoliate and give you skin a break.

They were my five basic tips to looking after your skin. I hope you found them useful.

Until next time……………….

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