What is the best time to post on Twitter? Let’s take a look.

Twitter has to be one of the best platforms to gain traffic to your blogs. Not only is it a fast moving platform but with Twitter focusing on hashtags, it’s a super easy way to get some new people and possibly new followers to your blog, thats why it’s important to understand the best time to tweet.

Lately there as been quite a bit of discussion around the subject of timing your Twitter posts to hit your biggest audience. Lets take a look and see if posting at a certain time matters.

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Is there a best time to post your tweets on Twitter?

Algorithms get changed regularly on social media platforms and Twitter is no exception.

A recent change to the Twitter algorithms has meant that the chronological feed has been restored, which in turn means that all of our tweets timings are more important than ever.

Nowadays with Twitter; their users can change how they see tweets from top-ranked to latest tweets instead. For example this means that Twitter users now see a post more when it is newly posted, instead of just from popularity.

That is why, when the majority of your audience is online (depending on where in the country), you should publish your tweet and time it appropriately.

What’s the best time to Tweet for Engagement?

Studies all say the same thing, there is no best universal time to post on Twitter.

This is mainly because people use Twitter all over the world. Deciding on the main country you would like to focus on could prove helpful. There are some best times of the day to post if you know where you are focusing your tweets.

This also goes for Facebook and Instagram.

For example:

9-10am is popular throughout the world, so working out what time that is against where you live would be useful. For example if you want to post at 9am in America from the UK, tweet at 2pm UK time.

It appears that Friday is a successful time to tweet, along with 8-10am and 6-9pm weekdays. This is likely when people will be travelling on the train to work or waiting around for transport.

Weekdays continue to be more successful than weekends. When people are more likely to be on computers and they’re mobile phones at work and in the evening. Whereas weekends people are more into their personal lives with family and friends.

So this tells us that scheduling your tweets for certain times weekdays are likely to be the most successful.

What’s the best way to get the best Engagement?

According to current Twitter algorithms, tweet ranks are dependent on interaction, primarily engagement.

Everyone’s goal is the same when tweeting on Twitter. It is to connect with the highest percentage of your audience as possible, while trying to gain more followers using your hashtags as well as popular trends.

When it comes to engaging with you on Twitter, there are four buttons the audience may use:

  • Comment
  • Retweet
  • Like
  • Send

Getting noticed above everyone else tweeting is a difficult task. That’s why working out the best time for your audience is important.

What’s also important is tweeting something that people actually want to read and will engage with. Try following this pattern and see if it works for you.

Tweet Order

  • Funny Tweet
  • 5 Minutes later – something you are promoting
  • 10 minutes later – A useful fact

Keeping a pattern is useful to keep people engaged. If you are only posting things that you are trying to sell, people will get bored. It’s important to build a relationship on your twitter, so people feel like that know you.

Is there a way to check your Analytics on Twitter?

Yes there is. You can now use Twitter Analytics to analyze your success over time and learn new posting strategies as you go. This will make things much easier and help you to see your patterns.

To get a detailed view of your Twitter account activity in the past month, go to the analytics area on your Twitter profile.

All of your Tweets are displayed in a separate section called “Tweets,” helping you to look back easier and helps you see and track the progress and best times for you.

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