Let’s all give ourselves a massive round of applause for surviving the past shit storm of a year that is the 2020 pandemic. Small businesses, gyms and pubs have all taken a massive hit throughout the last year including those in the hospitality industry and even high street stores. If you had goals this year and didn’t hit them, just know 99.9% of the population are with you and it’s not your fault, you are still amazing and you will still met your goals one day. This year has been overwhelming and beyond challenging both mentally, physically and financially. To those that also survived homeschooling, here’s massive well done to you too, it has been far from easy.

I have learnt so much from this pandemic about myself and others around me. I’ve learnt that it’s ok to not have all your shit together because in reality no one really has. Facebook and other social media has shown more vulnerability than the usual “look how great my life is” posts. Treating people with kindness is now fashionable, I long hope this continues and really hope it stays with the younger generation too. I hope you can all take a little something positive from this situation, even if it is more time to just be and not always be in a rush.

Now lets all hope and believe that the hardest bit is behind us and we are on to a brighter more sociable future with cleaner air and more flexible working.

  1. Laughter is the best medicine – when you can laugh at yourself and even at shitty situations then you’re always winning
  2. Baking everyday with your children is fun until you need to get out of your joggers and into your jeans – maybe try a little bit of healthy cooking too
  3. You cannot control everything in your life – sometimes you need to just say “fuck it” and see what happens
  4. Positive thinking and positive attitude is a complete game changer – give manifesting ago, its life changing
  5. Reading lots helps you sleep so much better – try turning off the TV and picking up a book instead, you’d be surprised at the difference
  6. Children want people in their life more than things – they obviously want a little amazon and VBucks but def more people
  7. Journalling and planning your week all in once place keeps you focused – this journal has it all in one place and its pretty too
  8. Stay away from the news if you want happy thoughts – no-one has ever been happy and positive from watching and reading doom and gloom everyday
  9. The Nanny by Gilly MacMillen is the best book written in years and keeps you gripped throughout, definitely beats watching some crap on tv
  10. School really sets your whole life routine when you have kids – without it, its 10pm bedtimes and 10am rises
  11. Home schooling makes people drink earlier than normal and also on weekdays
  12. Feeling guilty about things you cannot change is a complete waste of your time and energy
  13. Life is so much more enjoyable without some peoples who endless drama – having time makes you step back and reassess who brings peace and love into your life and who brings stress
  14. Doing small short online courses can reawaken your brain – the centre of excellence has loads for £29 (look for voucher codes on their site) Link below
  15. Anxiety can just hit you in the face out of nowhere – just remember to breathe, have a soak in the bath and reset
  16. Selfcare is so important more than ever – read my post for tips on self-care https://positivelylifestyle.com/12-simple-things-you-can-do-to-practice-self-care/
  17. Keep trusting yourself and that gut feeling – 99% of the time its right (the 1% that’s wrong is when us women are hormonal and turn into paranoid manic)
  18. You do need the shoes even if you have nowhere to go right now, they make your soul happy.
  19. Bojo was worse than the grinch at Christmas time and it felt like the world was going to end because you couldn’t spend time and eat turkey with your family – the world didn’t end and we are still here
  20. Although you might not have all your shit together, you are a good person, so be gentle with yourself

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